Fancy train

Date: 2/25/2017

By sana

In news channel they announced a fancy train which would be around the corner in the city ...every adult pretended that they dint care(but secretly they want to travel in that train)..i left my hm early even if i dont want to go the place that fancy train lead to .but still i want to travel....i am late now i have to be in normal train ...i peeped through the window i can see fancy train , desire begin to sparkle in my eyes .i got down at next station ..i can see the entire town at the ticket counter of fancy train(especially the people who dont seem to be bothered at all now suddenly they want to travel)...i met relative there, for them its like a picnic younger cousin ran to buy the tickets i ran behind him( he is a trouble maker) i ran and found out a man is yelling at him he did something (now i have to deal with it) moral of the story:- i am late ...i have to go back to accomplish my normal routine .. my childish desire to travel in fancy train is long broken