Date: 3/15/2017

By uselessphil

I was playing a new video game with my kids where you were a person who could change into different creatures to solve puzzles and fight enemies. The art style seemed very dark but whimsical somewhat like a Tim Burton film. The creatures that you turned into were more like a loose collection of black paper drawn shaped like mechanical parts. For a long time in the game I was a bee, but at times I was also a horse, a wolf or a large cat. At times the game was 3d but at other times it was a side scroller. Once the game was over I was driving in my car and came upon some construction. There was no sign telling me to not go through so I carried on down the road. it quickly became clear that there wasn't room for a car to get through but I carried on anyway, the road workers would give me dirty looks as I weaved past the equipment and piles of material. finally I came to an intersection and there was a police officer waving traffic through. he looked at me and all I saw was anger. I ran away from him forgetting my car as you do in dreams. I ran through narrow alleys and high fenced back yards until I came to a door for a basement apartment that I can only assume was my own. At that point the cop caught me and grabbed me by the shoulder. he was a British Bobby at this point and said to me "You are one of those Wudge-Dudgies! Well? Aren't you?" That woke me up. I tried to get back it but wasn't there.