Matilda the Murderer

Date: 6/24/2017

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Aastar and I were walking around somewhere, and a weird/creepy girl came up to us, dressed as 'Matilda'. She suddenly got mad for some reason (?) and started chasing us with a knife. We were terrified and ran so so so fast. Apparently the only way to get her to stop trying to murder us was to say some particular Matilda quote, aloud, in front of her and she would disappear or something. But we had to google the quote on my phone, and she kept stealing my phone so I couldn't google the quote. At one point I got my phone back and Aastar and I hid in a cupboard (?) and searched for the quote. Then we went up behind the girl, said the quote, and she disintegrated. I'm due to do an English speech on the movie Matilda, so I think this dream surfaced from all of my stress over the speech 😂