Gummies and Ants

Date: 8/27/2017

By Julia.W580

I am with my friends, helping them set up a toy that has something to do with ants sitting down. There are gummies, I eat a green one. I keep eating the gummies until two of my friends and I see a bunch of gummies far away. My other friends say not to go because we need to help with the toy. I still run to the gummies and I eat all the green ones. Caitlyn, who is my friend with me, and a teacher who is also there, get a call saying that I am getting picked up from daycare at Harbour View. Caitlyn says my mom stuttered and asked to go to the bathroom. I am waiting with my dad for my mom with all my friends. My friends said that ants could not sit down. My dad told me and my friends that he wanted to go to Iceland because the Olympians are going to be defending themselves there.