“i was going to spare you”

Date: 8/29/2019

By ElectroGravy

i had this dream maybe a week ago, but the general ending stuck with me. (a TL:DR/quick summary at end) so im with two friends of mine, we had guns. we were shooting these guys dressed in black army armour stuff? anyway, we were also on a broken roof maybe 20 feet high, it was slanted too. we finished all the guys off so we took a small break, mostly just standing there breathing heavy, still on guard though. then this big guy with a lot of armour came up. we all only shot at his helmet, but by the time we actually broke the glass just a little, we ran out of ammo and we got jumped but they didnt shoot, they tackled us. those dudes said they got us to whoever on a radio, my friends couldnt do much because exhaustion from running away from them ithink. i still had some left in me, i looked around and the ones who tackled us left because the big dude said he got it. i quickly jumped up, tried shocking him, and i hopped on him. he threw me to the ground, and yelled in frustration ithink. he said stuff, “whyd you have to fuck this up.” “i was going to spare you.” then he said “im going to give you a quick death. a shot to the head.” then i sat up n kneeled in front of him, i looked down at the cement, thinking only of the words “i failed.” i heard him reload his gun, then i heard my friends screaming. i closed my eyes. i felt the gun against my forehead, it felt really cold. then i heard the shot over my friends screaming in pain while they cried my name. i felt myself fall back, and i was still somewhat there, it felt calming almost. but the darkness didnt last long before i opened my eyes, it was really bright, once my eyes focused, i seen my friend laying down staring at me. i dont think she was dead, she looked really happy and greeted me, but as i opened my mouth i woke up. TL;DR: shooting military people with two friends, military people stop coming for a quick 30 seconds, big bulldozer like dude comes. we get jumped n fucked up. i attempt to kill bulldozer dude. failed. i get shot in the head while hearing friends scream in agony bc me. i get to “feel” how it is to die.