Planting explosives

Date: 2/21/2017

By Its_Thiago

I appear in a sports car with two guys in theis own cars. We're driving somewhere, they seem to know exactly what's happening, I don't. Until we get there, a fenced building, seemed important. There they both start arguing about how they ended up having to do this instead of following the original plan. One was older than the other one and looked like the leader. So he tells him we had no other choice because plan A had gone south. The young guy then tries to convice the leader that we could just abort the whole thing and escape, but that wasn't an option to our leader. He took a huge panel the size of a breakfast tray, with a pannel and a screen that made it obvious it was a huge bomb. And just planted it in the fence. After the two guys continue arguing some more, I learn they are a gay couple, don't know why that's important. Anyways, while they argue, a woman comes out of the building's door . They seem to know who she was cause they told her that it was already too late, nothing she could do to stop them. So she starts explaining to them that making this building blow up wasn't going to change anything, that they'd still be after us. We don't seem to give a shit. Don't remember anything else.