Date: 4/2/2019

By JulieM

I became friends with this guy and he would chill with me at my place met my family and everything we became good friends. One day we were packing to go on a trip and my mom joked but pretending to be serious that they would leave without me. Ha ha So I went to bed and when I woke up the next day there’s other people laying on the floor in my room with the guy I befriended. the house is dead like no one else is there my door was locked up and whoever it was adding stuff like more locks onto it so I was like fuck. The other people woke up and we were all confused I think there was four of us. So we all freaked out quietly trying to think of something so apparently we had our phones so I texted you and didn’t get a response I told everyone I’m going into my closet to try to make calls because for some reason I didn’t wanna be around them on my phone. So I tried calling my moms phone and someone picked up the phone but all I heard was someone breathing so I didn’t say anything I listened for a bit then hung up like what if someone fucked with my phone. So I went up to my window further away from the deck outside snow everywhere the backyard looked different like the garage was shifted and we had a small shed? But it was my house so I’m like ik where we are and I looked towards the deck area and this guy is sitting outside having a smoke and is on his phone. So I back up quickly because my plane was to escape out my window because they were unlocked. So I backed up from the window and told everyone I’m gonna try to call the police and when I kept trying to type 911 it kept fucking up. Eventually I dialled the number and someone picked up and it was quiet for sec and then all I heard was a guy say if you want to keep your phone I wouldn’t be trying to call people. I hung up right away went to my bed and sat there and just stayed quiet trying to process what’s happened. When I heard the door open down stairs I rushed to my Window and opened it cause I thought hey he’s not outside now and if he is coming upstairs it’ll take a while to unlock the door. So I was about the crawl out my Windsor till the other girl was like I’m coming with you and the other two guys we’re like we’re staying not chancing it. I was only wearing sweatpants and thin long sleeve shirt. No socks or shoes Everything in my rooms was taken out except the bed my desk and my book shelf but everything on/in them were gone. Okok so we were crawling out the window it’s cold and there’s a lot of snow in the roof and I think I heard footsteps coming from the the stairs like this dude must of been pissed off to be stomping on my stairs with shoes on but whatever. And then I woke up freaked out because the whole dream I thought it was real like all of this was actually happening type dream because it felt so real and I was like oh shit. 😬