Paranormal Sillhouette (Night Terror)

Date: 4/22/2017

By mnatalie671

I had a night terror last night. ----- I was sitting on my couch, home alone at night. The only light on was the living room light. My mom had asked me to clean the kitchen and bathroom so I checked to see if they were clean. I used my phone flashlight when I didn't have a light on. When I checked the bathroom, I left the doors off and the lights open. I would keep going back to the couch, and then back to look at the bathroom door. The lights would be off one time, then on the next. The door would be open one time, and then closed the next. This would go on for a while until I saw that the door was open and the light was on. I went to turn off the light and realized my phone flashlight wouldn't turn on. I saw a tall, pitch black figure standing on my left and then my eyes started burning and itching (which I assume was my allergies) so I kept them shut and kept yelling, "Who's there?!" while constantly swinging my arms around me to make sure it wouldn't come near me and to figure out where it was. I assume it had disappeared, but I woke up screaming "Who's there?!" and nearly shot out of bed. My sister (with whom I share a bedroom) looked at me and gave me a "What the ****?!" look. ----- This is not the first time I've seen a tall black silhouette in a nightmare. One of the last night terrors I had involved one looking into a room I was in, and although I couldn't see any face or eyes, I felt like it was staring right at me, like it was watching me. I think it is the same silhouette as the one in last night's night terror. Why is it reoccurring? I'm always terrified that I'm being watched or followed. I always think someone is out to get me. I've never seen a psychologist before and haven't been diagnosed with anxiety, but my friend said that this may be from my anxiety and that it sounds like I have an anxiety disorder.