Dinosaurs and Psychotic Sisters

Date: 3/1/2017

By sadinarus

So I remember starting off in a house, and the house was moving along with some flood in my neighborhood. My house was the only one moving. And there were T-rexes trying to come get my house. Finally one rips off the roof of the house and from then on the whole house collided in on itself. And all I was on was the left over floor that didn't get destroyed. There were 3 T-rexes, one behind me and the other ones on the left and right of me. I was able to dodge them and eventually the water rose higher and they couldn't swim, so they went under and I laughed at them. But instead of staying above the water, I for some reason went under the water as well and the T-rex seen me and tried to follow me. Then all of a sudden I was emptied out into an amusement park. And the world was ending, so it was just me, i guess my mom and these 2 little girls that I guess were my sisters. (I'm black and they were white, so i dont understand how we were completely blood related lol) and so my youngest sister was a phsychotic murderer and my middle sister was also a murderer, but mainly she targeted to kill me or for me to look guilty of something. I was sitting next to my youngest sister and she was trying to look innocent and i was bothering her because I know what she does, so i kept punching her head asking her what she did. And people were looking at me like i was crazy. Then after a while my middle sister, which was an old childhood friend of mind, had this fabric that looked like her skin, and she hit me with it saying that i cut her skin off. So i took the fabric and I tried to strangle her. My mother then told us to go, and we walked into the distance of the amusement park. THE END.