Bear in the Store

Date: 2/20/2017

By Aunruh

I was walking at night down the road from my house that leads to my job. The scenery was a little bit changed in that this road was and wasnt the road that goes to my job, and the store was located on a road that was near my ex-girlfriends house. In the dream theres a field across from the store, tall grasses, and across this field is the road that leads to my ex-girlfriends house. I walked across the field, among the tall grasses, i was thinking about going to my ex-girlfriends house, but back tracked in the field. Among the grasses I saw a black figure, and realized almost instantly it was a small bear. It got up and began to chase me, and I ran for the store. This bear wasnt violent, in fact, it acted like a dog. Inside the store, which was a little different on that its older than the store i work at, my grandma was there behind the counter. And as Im trying to hold the door closed so the bear doesnt get in my grandma is telling me to make sure that bear doesnt get into the store. For a split moment it worked its way through but then i pushed it out. To my left was the freezer which held icecream and ice, and there was a glasses stand and a newspaper stand. Finally the bear gave up.