Date: 8/12/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

I'm in a very big tent, camping with my old classmates near my house that looks now to be in the mountains. I get out of the tent to go see friends in a nearby tent but when I walk outside I notice a hurricane forming behind it and the presence of another one in front of me, by my house. I shout and tell my friends to get out and we start running away from them, going towards my House. We manage to get safe and the hurricanes go in the opposite direction. Now We're at a bank,in front of the ATM. My german teacher tells me to get my money from my credit card so that if shops are destroyed I still have money with me. So I insert my card and on the screen starts to appear something looking like a test, asking me questions before giving me the money. Once I got it, we keep on walking towards my house to check if my parents are okay. My teacher once again speaks to me and asks me if I remember where the secret bunker of a scientist I have already seen in another of my dreams is. My classmate Carlo, which was also with me in that dream, tells her the way but I remember it differently so I tell her my version. After that, everyone else disappears from the dream and its only me on my bike, going to visit my aunt Paola who lives near Lecco but here lives in the countryside. So I go to her house and start telling her about the hurricanes, and as I do I see once again the forming scene.