Stranger. Raw emotion.

Date: 3/28/2019

By lornie

I’m walking through what is a Childrens indoor play area, like with the climbing frames and ball pits. I recognised certain people working there, acquaintances from my life. At the far end is a man, a little older than me, taller than I. Short dark hair, fierce brown eyes and beautiful lips... the rest is somewhat blurry. busy with what looks like repairing a different area of the play area. I went up to him and spoke. Something pretty boring. “I don’t remember this being here, is this new?” He just muttered in reply “no” without even glancing at me. I stare at him and then i continue walking, I see him watch me and I look back, right into his eyes, I blink slowly and turn my head and enter another room. This place is completely different. It’s a long room with what looks like kennels or stables. There is husky’s is in most of the compartments. Howling and talking amongst them selves. I walk a little way and I see a paw reaching out of a gate. I bend down and start fussing this mighty husky and talking to it. I stand and say good bye and he reply’s with a howl. I feel like I’m being watched and behind me is the man again. I twirl round and give him a corked smile, a smile that met my eyes. “What are you doing in here” he growled at me. “Talking” i say in reply. I Turn on my heel and continue on my walk. I come to the end of the room and there is two open large doors and beyond them is the ocean. I step out and feel the ocean breath flow around me. Suddenly I feel a yank and I’m being spun around and put against a wall. Two strong powerful arms are either side of me. I feel him looking down on me. I can feel his warm breath against my hair, feel is eyes boring into me. I hold my breath and look up into his fierce brown eyes. I can’t breath as i take in his beauty. “Why did you look at me like that” he breathed. My knees buckling, heart pounding. “I wanted you to follow me” I whispered not being about to tear my eyes from him. Who is the man I wonder. I feel like we are connected. A raw unyielding emotion of longing. I take in his scent, deep intakes of breath. I wanted to remember it. I gave him a crooked playful smile and nipped under his arm. I turned and smiled even more at him. “I know you“ I laughed, “but how?” I turned and looked out to the ocean and jumped off the side and landed on the beach below. He followed. He grabbed me and we fell into the sand. He’s atop of me. Breathing me in and groaning in want, need. He sunk his face into my neck and kissed it deeply. I arched my back, dug my hands into the sand and cried in desire. He slid a strong powerful hand down my shoulders down my side and grabbed my thigh and brought it up to his side. I wrapped it around his powerful body, I felt the heat rising from him, burning my skin. I wanted him. All of him. I wanted to taste him, smell him. The wildness of him drove me crazy. His lips found mine. We kissed deeply. His tongue found mine and he teased, made me moan more. I shivered in delight. Every muscle in my body quakes under him. His lips left mine, he moved down my neck to my waiting breasts. He ripped at my clothes, tore my top from my body. He caressed, kissed my breasts and stomach. He has complete control. I was at his will. “I want you, all of you” he growled. I shuddered with desire. He tore the rest of my clothes. He went in deep. I almost screamed in delight. My legs snapped around him, I pushed him in deeper still. He filled me completely. He grabbed my arms and held them down in the warm sand. He trust again and again, over and over. Harder, faster. The desire, unyielding. We both moaned and become one. I could feel myself building. Fire scorching through my body. Filling me. Getting ready to explode. He looked right into my eyes. I got lost in his. The fire exploded, I exploded. My toes curled. My neck and back arched in such pleasure. He joined me. He let one of my arms go, grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply and he came deep inside me. He relaxed onto my body, his lips still on mine. Kissing me. Than my alarm goes off and wakes me up. This dream felt like it was something out of a Novel.. there was other things that happened in the dream but this was the best part 🤣