Dark heavy uniform

Date: 4/17/2017

By ModelLaDawn

I was in a "military" uniform on some type of base. I had just changed my travel plans to meet Tiffany at home then fly to wherever I was going. It was dark outside. I remember thinking I looked cool in my getup but it was way to big. When I put it on I knew it was too big. Entirely too big. Someone else's. The belt didn't help. From top to the shoes. Even the bookbag weighed me down. But I just knew someone would be proud of me when I got home & they saw me in it. I remember procrastinating even though I had a flight to catch in the woods. I was grabbing some makeup. When I got outside to start my trek to the woods it was dark. I had a shitty gps but I was already fairly sure that was my ride leaving above my head. Lots of military millennials were out & about. Almost looked like a broke down fair. What I had on made it so hard to run, let alone walk fast. It was distracting. I was the only person with this type of uniform on. My pride from the mirror before stepping out quickly faded into frustration. Why the hell didn't I leave earlier? Why didn't I wear something more comfortable and be myself to get where I'm going. It would've been much easier and more impressive to not miss the damn flight. Anyways, regardless of my being lost & hilariously not scared of the prostitutes, smoke bombs, alligators & the rest of my dark surroundings I kept moving. Kept trying to find the pinging dot on my gps that showed where the "airport" was. I was just headed deeper in the woods away from the ambiance of people when I got a call from Tiffany. She had missed the plane as well. Said when she got there the officer told her she needed to be on time. Tiffany knew this. She lived on base and operated this life everyday. I on the other hand did not. I was lost. She wasn't. I changed my plans for her. She made excuses... we somehow ended up together walking back towards crazy camp base. I called my mom upset I missed my flight but she assured me everything would work out fine. Then Tiffany asked if I wanted to join her at a Dave Chapell show that evening... I said ok. That's the end of my dream. I just hope I changed my clothes for the show.