Japanese school

Date: 6/20/2017

By IdeasEmi

So this wasn't a lucid dream but I waked up several times and still managed to resume the dream. If I can still do that this may turn into a series because I really like interacting with Trinity. If I can't I'll turn it into a Wattpad story anyways. So first I was in a strange Pokémon dream that I can't remember very well, then I was walking with this Japanese guys over to a classroom. In the classroom there were 3 teachers, one was the main teacher, other was like the sub-teacher and the last one gave us and picked up our books. He even turned the book pages for me but I thought he was going to pick up my book so I told him not to but when I took off my hands from the book he flipped them. After the class they all said "Thank you teacher 1, teacher 2 and picker. After that class we were heading to another and (it was funny because that's how I'll normally act) I started whistling in order to make the guys join me but I made that Trinity (not a real person) and her friends to go with me and ask how I do that. Now Trinity was my friend, I kinda was into her and we were having biology. I seated next to her and then I noticed that my whole class was in the same class as this Japanese guys. Then the teacher asked a girl from my school to do idk what and I told her "Ha, apparently no matter in which school we are they always assign you to something." In real life I think she would take it as a rude comment but se took it with another laugh. After that class we were at the changing room which was only a few closets and an area with a lockable door for changing clothes. I think the room was like that not because it was a Japanese school but because I've never been on a changing room so my mind just made it up. We were dressed in tuxedos and the girls had dresses with like different layers one on top of each other and it was black at the bottom and it slowly transformed into a clear grey at the top. We were at a party but a fancy one, people were singing and Trinity started to dance to "light up the party" but apparently it was a special subject in school dancing and singing. After the party she whispered that the posture of the person that graded the quality of the dance was sexy and she told me to practice mine thinking that I didn't heard what she whispered. Finally we were at computer class, the back seats were green and had a small wall separating them from the others but didn't made trouble with seeing the black board and the teacher. The people at my RL class told me to sit there because it was a higher status place but I told them that it looked more like a detention zone but they were right, the teacher told us that there seated the best students and then I woke up. I'll try to resume this dream today ok?