Betrayal and Zombies

Date: 3/16/2017

By LionFoot65

I tried the MILD technique last night but I think that part of the reason why I didn't go lucid was because I also smoked weed lol. I remember I was with a bunch of people and we were on this mission to try to get all of us to this other side of this place. All of a sudden I realized something weird about my "friend" and he was doing things that seemed suspicious. Then he said "One of us has to be left behind because we can't all make it!" and as he said this I saw him grab a pair of scissors ✂️ and started running up to me so I grabbed my own pair of scissors seemingly from nowhere and ran up to him so fast like flash and killed him before he could touch me in order to defend myself. There was another guy there who was also trying to kill me so I had to find him and when I did I used my flash powers to kill him quick in the name of self defense. After that, I was walking around and I saw this small computer and I was about to sit down and use it but this other guy sat down before I could. Then I saw this old guy playing Call of Duty Zombies and since it looked really cool I kept looking at it and after a short while I was suddenly in the game. I remember how I could see my character in third person and I would sometimes kill the zombies by exploding their head with one punch to the face before I would be overwhelmed. I woke up after that.