Planets and moon projection

Date: 9/27/2019

By IndridCold

I was looking up at the sky and there were stars and planets everywhere. They weren’t just like lights, but things of different sizes and colors. I was looking at a planet that I knew was Saturn, though it had no rings. At one point I was looking at the moon, which was huge in the sky, at least 5 times its normal size. The moon suddenly went all white and I was confused as to what was happening. Then a commercial started projecting on the moon. I was in some futuristic world where they projected ads on the moon. I was curious if there was anyone in this future world that lived like “the old ways”. I found this older man who was a tow truck driver. He said the most valuable thing he owned were his sunglasses. At some point he turned into a woman, but a gruff bar-brawling kind of woman. She got into some sort of tow truck tug of war battle with another driver, who was in a huge vehicle and doing some illegal smuggling. He eventually gave up, and she said that he should do something else with his life. He said that he was, and he held out a sign that had a name of a distant island on it. This island was super bizarre, like Disney on lsd-level bizarre. There were fishes who all looked like a particular movie star whose name was Paul Remora, and you could pull them out of the water and and eat them without cooking them.