What’s more powerful than children with ketchup that gives you the power to sing and dance?!

Date: 3/2/2019

By JadePink383

So there is this abandoned building/old man’s house where there are a bunch of rooms where you have to solve puzzles. In the first few rooms it’s like a kids show where you learn about hygiene through song and dance. The rest are a bathroom, a large kitchen, a modern room that was very empty, an elevator that has a gigantic rusty lock on the front, and a hallway with jean blue carpet. Also it was Christmas, and the old man and his wife(Who was me I guess) put a topper on the tree that looks like a small tree and it had only one light on it on the front. I said *Gasp* “Is it Pewdiepie’s?!?!” In a happy voice. And suddenly the tree topper made everything have Christmas decorations. (I’m no longer the old lady now) I somehow glitched out of the house to find it’s on four tall dark wood stilts on a barren grassland with a very square wall blocking the outside world and the city from outside the window is fake/real And i try to glitch inside to see the other rooms (I never finished all the puzzles so the ones down the elevator I hadn’t seen yet) but when I tried I went into a music video of somebody’s remix of the kid’s hygiene songs. After, i was in a room with a tub of ketchup and the kids (from the hygiene songs) and my sister. (I was an old man now) than my sister said “what’s wrong with leaving the kids with ketchup?” Than I said “What’s more powerful than children with ketchup that gives you the power to sing and dance?!” TLDR: An old man has a house of puzzles, where to continue you had to learn about hygiene from kid’s songs.