I'm being chased !!!

Date: 3/19/2017

By richtoffen

I'm at school with all of my class mates and we're standing around in the gym. I get picked up by my step dad and it is extremely dark outside. So we are driving down the road and this guy tries to cut us off in front but there isn't enough space between us and the other car in front. So a oncoming car shoves that car in between and for some reason we stop on the small bridge going into my sub-division. And I get out and run as fast as I can towards my house. And I get to the beginning of our street and I can't run anymore I look down and see why....I am floating in place. I try to run but I can't, I look down the street and see my house. And I look over to the cars and see the guy from the middle car get out and he starts running fast with long strides and he's heading to me. And I really started to freak out because he was chasing me and he was after me. Then I woke up freaked out wondering where, when, who, what....and if that guy is in my room.....😂