Date: 6/25/2017

By rachelmalex

I was at some kind of camp with a lot people I knew, including Anthony and my boyfriend at the time. We were divided in groups of two, one group stayed at the camp house the other one went out to do amazing activities in the wild and we would change after a week or so. Anthony and I stayed in the house and my boyfriend was in the other group, that didn't bother me at all because our relationship isn't in a nice place so I didn't wanna be with him. Next thing I know Anthony and I are making out and in love with each other but it was a very dangerous relationship for the following reasons: - Anthony was the soon-to-be boyfriend of my great friend Catherine and she was still in love with him but he wasn't - I have a boyfriend - Everyone that saw us together could easily tell my boyfriend what they saw and my life would go down a hill - Anthony doesn't know I have a boyfriend These reasons were ignored and we continued to have loads of fun and to be, incredibly in love, we would sleep right next to each other and we would always be together, I just deeply cared for him and I was so happy to be with him I didn't want that week to end, but eventually it did. As soon as the week ended Anthony left the camp to go home earlier, and I stayed there just to say goodbye to my "boyfriend" because I also wanted to go home. Once he got there he quickly grabbed me and he wanted to kiss me in the bathroom but as soon as I gave him a peck I felt empty and I missed Anthony so I couldn't keep going, I just left the bathroom and went home. After that Anthony and I kept seeing each other.