I was shot

Date: 7/8/2017

By Jadders

I was in a house but was dared to go outside. I thought sure what's wrong with that. I soon realised that there was this creepy big guy who likes to hide in the dark, strip you naked and stab you to death. Well long story short he managed to strip me down to my underwear, but I escaped under the tall fence before he could finish me off. I was then running on a road under a bridge with giant snow balls being thrown from afar. Simular to cannon balls being thrown in a war. I said to my brother who was running with me, 'I told them not to kill her.. now they have started a war'.. (not sure where that came from) The giant snow balls then became huge balls of fire. Crushing and destroying anything on the ground. I started to dress myself with leftover clothes from the dead on the ground whem Someone shouted my name from behind. So I slowed down from running and turned around. It was the big guy who like to make friends with the young by strippi.g them and then killing them. Previously I had stopped him from taking my younger bother as I had found out this guy was a pediophile. The same one from the garden. He really hates me for stopping him. However as I turned around he shot me in the stomach and I fell down like a sack of potatoes. The guy just disappeared. My brother helped me up and I limped away to the side. The next thing I remember is I'm in university but it's now a hospital as well as teaching rooms. I was put on many different medications to keep me stable while they operated to save my life. I had eventually woken up laying on the floor with a pink blanket covering my whole body and an IV drip in my right arm.. I was in a hall with many other people who had been liad on the floor just like I was. Very weakly I took the blanket off my face to see a stage in front. The curtains slowly began to rise and 7 people started playing instruments. However they had made each instrument silent when playing. The only noise I could hear was them gasping for breath or making weird noises as they blew into the instruments. After they had finished they took all the other people on the floor out of the room but left me. They then brung in tables and chairs ready for a lesson. They then sat me up in my chair still with the IV attached. They then all went back to hide behind the curtain as students started to enter the room. They filled the room very quickly. The teacher came in and came straight to me 'your still here, you have been here all night'. She left it at that and then walked away. Time went past, then then curtain started to rise again. The silent music makers were about to play silently again but a loud bang was heard. The teacher ripped the IV out of my arm and said follow me. I did. A group of five of us then entered a changing room where everyone was changing into naval uniform. I was the last one and had to ask for help as I was still and tad weak after being shot. We then left the room to be outside on a runway. We all headed for the old black style war car. As we was all getting in they all took it in turn to guess where I had been shot 'I bet she was shot in the vagina' 'Don't be stupid. Look at her arm, she hasn't straightened it out yet' 'No that's because she had an IV in it.' 'I bet it was the leg' 'Nah it was the face' I was the last one to get in this small car and I said ' No, I was shot in the stomach. Now shut up and let's move out'. They shut up and then I woke up.