Bloody in love

Date: 8/25/2017

By Dreamgirl99

I was home alone and I was in bed. A strange, powerful man broke in and found me half asleep, in my pajamas. He grabbed me, gripping my wrists firmly. I squirmed and screamed as my bedspread went flying to the floor. His hands moved down my body, tearing at my clothes. He raped me bloody. I passed out. I see him carrying me out of my home. my pajamas are in tatters and stained in blood. He's kidnapping me, he has claimed me as his own. The next thing I know, I'm sitting in a car. I'm in the backseat on a hot day looking up out the car window toward a building. I see the man's shadow watching me from a window upstairs. He's not happy. I wonder what I've done to make him angry. I fear for my life. I look down and see a plate with some kind of sandwich on it. I remember the young man who made it especially for me and gave it to me with a smile. I feel love for the young man. I bite into the sandwich and look up to see the shadow move away from the window. I go to take another bite when I see my rapist/kidnapper emerge from the building. He looks murderous. I wake up slowly and come to realize that the young man was my rapist/kidnapper's son. He had claimed me as his own and was furious that I fell in love with his son.