Oppa-like <3

Date: 3/19/2019

By Arcay9

I was at a track field on a pretty, foggy morning. I was wearing red with white running clothes getting warmed up for a run. I sat down on a cold marble bench on the morning dew'd grass. My vision became blurry because I had started to cry. In that moment I feel someone sit on the bench next to me and the first thing I smell is his cologne. (This is the first time I smelled cologne through a dream.) I feel him put his arm around my shoulder and I feel his warmth through the dream. I don't want to look up at him because I'm embarrassed. But I tell him, "I'm okay. Everything's okay." I lay my head on his shoulder and see he was wearing a white longsleeve thermal and jeans. I feel very good. I feel his intentions are pure and I wanted to keep feeling his caring warmth. -------------------------------------- First thing that came to mind after having this dream was how kdrama/ oppa-like this experience was for me. Backlogged dream from June 2017 At the time I had just moved to California. I was happy being able to see family I loved but really stressed about my financial situation.