First day

Date: 7/3/2019

By beast69

It was a funeral. A friend passed away due to a motor cycle accident. It was him Sadeev. Rode to Alappy on a festival day at night and accident occurred. Dream was kind of intimidating. And at some point it was like I myself was the one who died. My mom was in the dream who sobbed at some point. She was his mom in the dream She checked my phone opened Whatsapp. Ambulance came in. the location was near the MORE store. Saw many faces that were about to cry and it was time for cremation on a closed grill room. Those people who called me in for doing the basic arrangements. I didn't like that when I'm not able to say no at some circumstances. So I got into the room and started arrangements with zero interest. and I didn't wanted to continue the dream and I skipped my brain forcefully from it since everything in the dream was intimidating. and later on I got to see another dream. It was all green. Ponds and canals on either side of the narrow path where me and some of my friends stood. We all wore we the white shirt and our MC teacher was lecturing us on something from a distance. I got marks for a paper which I expected to be good, it was 6.5 on 20. And Gokul, friend from old school boarding mocking me at the marks. Teacher expected more from me. At some point I was about to fall onto the pond. And later on when nobody saw me I jumped into the canal and swam. she found me doing it. And she told the class about the motor cycle accident on previous day and it scared me so I got back from water. Some girl from the class was smiling at me while I was dressing up. I had my clothes back on. And saw my friend walking into a cow dung pit unknowingly. And I laughed. Some were about to go for a movie.