Murder house

Date: 4/7/2019

By pandaitis

I don’t remember how the dream starts but it is cheery. There is happy music playing. Then it goes to me, standing in a dark basement with a mop in hand and a bucket of water beside me. In front of me is a puddle of blood. It is a lot like the game viscera clean up detail. There is a family watching me as I start mopping. A dad, a mom, and a maybe 7 year old daughter. My mop quickly gets soaked with blood and I am having a hard time cleaning it cause it keeps making the water in the bucket just as dirty and red. When I finish I start to say bye to the family. It’s just typical stuff until I mention something along the lines of “good luck with the remains of your little girl.” They realize I know what happened. That I know what the blood was from. They killed their youngest daughter. They also realize I have no problem with it. We start to talk about murder and how they are happy I’m cool with what happened. We talk about how hard it is to find other people like that. As we keep talking and slowly make our way to the basement door to go upstairs another person has come down into the basement and is pushing a shopping cart. The basement isn’t very wide but it’s pretty long. The other person is an older woman. She has orangish-blonde hair but it’s mostly turned gray. She joins in our conversation and also has no problem with murder. I believe there is one more group of people that came down into the basement before we start talking about how we should make a murderer group with all of us as members. As we get out of the basement though something goes wrong. The family turns on us and start chasing us. We run to make it out. Everyone going in different directions but I just go for the front door. It’s like a scene from saw with traps everywhere. I here screams as I’m making my way to safety. I know the others won’t make it. I get to the front door but the knob is removed. In its place is a roll of duck tape that has been placed sideways into the hole where a knob should be. There’s no way to grab it without pushing something thin like a pencil into the crack between ducky tape tube and door. The dad is coming towards me and I have no time to figure it out. I dodge him as he jumps at me and run back a little to get him away from the door. I dodge him again and make a mad dash back to the door. I somehow manage to open it and rush out lifting my feet high to make sure I don’t hit any possible trip wires. I duck in case of any knife traps in the door. I start running straight but figure that’s probably the most likely area to have traps so I instead turn and start running diagonally towards the right/ back yard direction. I’m running towards the town square. I’m out of breath but I know I’m still being chased. I know there’s no safety till I make it to the police station that’s in the courthouse in the middle of the square. When I finally make it to the square I see the sign for the police station and run through. Inside is a small square room, maybe 8x8 feet with nothing but a stair case that runs along the walls going down. I go down to the next story and see nobody. I call our “hello!” And I get an answer from someone farther down. I go to the next level where there is a door along the staircase. I enter to find a little girl playing video games. I talk to her trying to figure out where the police are but she is just making snarky remarks to everything I say. She’s pissing me off and I’m worried she’ll make me look less believable when I talk to an actual cop. As I walk out of the room a cop walks up to me and it’s actually my coworker Greg. He asks me what’s wrong. The thing is, in the dream the unrealistic parts like where I was cleaning blood and talking about killing like it was nothing weren’t realistic to me even in the dream. I couldn’t tell if I had dreamed them or not. I was sure the run to town and this now in the police station was real because there was nothing too out of the ordinary but the murderers and my escape felt like a distant dream yet I had the memory in my head like it was real. I thought about just leaving because I didn’t know if the crimes had actually happened but I pressed on. I explained I wasn’t sure if what I was about to say actually happened or if I dreamed it but I wanted him to check a house for me to make sure. Thing is I was running away for my life, I didn’t pay attention to how exactly to get there, what the address was, or what the house even really looked like. I couldn’t give him any directions. I wanted him to come with me and I could find my way back as I knew the general direction of the house. Then we’d just have to go in and see the blood from those other people who weren’t able to escape like I was. He said there wasn’t anything he could do unless I went back, found the house, and made sure a crime actually happened; not a dream. Next thing I remember I think I was at a friends house but I don’t remember leaving the police station. I guess I had already told everyone there about the killing and the police and what I had to do. I walked out and my friend Aubrey followed me. I was glad to not be alone but she was just hanging back watching me go, not really following so I wasn’t sure if she planned to go with me or not. “Where are you going?” She called out to me. I replied “you can go with me if you want. We’re finding a house.” As I said this I started to open the door to my truck and found my cat had gotten inside.