[inception]cool white haired guy or girl

Date: 2/8/2017

By fsprngr

I go to sleep in my bed because I had the strong notion of my higher self to go to sleep. I wake up in a dream and my feeling tells me that I'm still in waking reality. I don't make any reality check so I stay so. I eat ice cream. black chocolate fudge. my dad comes in and wants some of it to. it is already melted into milk and so dad got pissed of. I tackled him against the wall but it wasn't really hurtful. it felt quite right indeed. I open the jalosin so light could come in, but the background was changed. it looked more like 'Haus Tobias' but I didn't notice the change. I saw a couple in the bottom left of the house. they were kind of glimpsing back. I looked sometimes over and then I outside walking towards this guy with white hair. he has a bag of weed inside a earth sack. he was coming over to work here from California. he showed me the inside of the building and then the inside of his dream. suddenly I am seeing him on the beach of California but hes no more a boy with white hair it seems he is that girl I see clearly. she has white hair as well. I think she is really hot. then it hit me and I wake up.