A Dream to Hopefully Forget

Date: 8/13/2017

By kxxvs

My dad had wanted to have a get together because my family does not come over very often, we usually go to their houses. Anyway, he invited the strangest group of people. And when I say this I mean, he didn't invite entire families, he just invited certain people from different little families. So 2 of my uncles came over as well as 1 of my cousins. He also invited his 2 friends. All boys fyi. They came over for a short bit and we didn't even eat anything till much, much later. My dads friends were getting annoyed of how late it was getting and they just wanted to eat so they left. My dad had to drive them home though and therefore I was stuck with my 2 uncles and my cousin. Me and my uncle (Keith) had played a terrible interactive game. He had to try and knock me down and let's just say it was super uncomfortable because we were not saying anything and my cousin and uncle were watching us. I'm dead silence... After that we watched some tv and it was connected to my phone on Apple TV and I got a notification so I wanted to check it. I forgot my phone was connected and mirrored to the the tv and I opened a chat that was with my fwb. Luckily it was just me and my cousin but it was still extremely awkward. He made a few jokes I laughed along but it kinda felt like there was a sexual tension after that. We started talking and stuff and laughing. It was really nice because I don't normally bond with him but it was also weird at the same time. I don't know even what happened with my uncles at the point. I think they might of left or something. So it was just me (15) and Sean (my cousin who is 18) alone in my house on my bed. One thing lead to another... and so we ended up having sex. (Yes, I know. disgusting and makes me cringe). Last thing I remember is being cuddled up to him and asleep.