Haunted Halloween

Date: 10/30/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

I was in a new school in between primary/secondary and HE was 1 of the teachers, he knew of our past so he litterally just ignored me even when I was literally starting at him. He was talking to the others and it hurt me that he didn’t even notice me or care at all. The scene changed and it was a Halloween fair. There were lots of rides and lots of children were trick or treating and I was looking at some of the rides to decide what to go on. There was this haunted nature trail and loads of children were walking out of it crying so me and Sam wanted to go on it for that reason. Elsa not so much but she came with us anyway. So after A while on the haunted trail spongebob characters that were deformed and in black and white started chasing us, everything was in black and white except for us and we were running away and I heard Sam screaming behind us and I looked back and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Elsa was still with me but she was trying to get us to run faster outta there and she was crying so I tried to hurry up and calm her down, then I woke up.