Never(?) ending tower

Date: 2/18/2019

By jxmxnajxo

This dream was actually a long time ago but I haven’t had the time to write it down. Me and a few other people were trying to get out of a big castle tower. The stairs where going in both directions up and down but it had no end to it nothing worked some stairs broke down. I somehow while the others disappeared managed to get out - I think through windows in the basement - and tried to run away. It was already getting darker and I could see how tall the tower was. It was big and grey in the middle of a small clean green field surrounded by an insane amount of tall dark green trees, a river and small streams could be heard. I heard shots and bullets where flying around into the wall of the tower. It somehow had the feeling of the Vietnam war... I tried to stick to the wall of the tower and ran around it to find a shelter. I fell through a hole on the side of the building sliding down to a room with metal rods. Next thing I know...I’m back where I started. Inside the tower trying to get down the stairs but now there where doors on each side leading to a long open concrete space. As I heard voices and steps I thought I found the group and went through one door, saw helicopter lights outside in front of the windows with no glass. I tried to hide and that room had another door which finally was the right way leading me outside. As I stepped outside, the tower was now a normal building. Everyone was speaking a foreign language which made me hide again. I hid behind cars when people came and got through something looking like barn doors. I tried to look as normal as possible, trying to fit in walking my way, being happy to finally get away when I noticed a woman following me. I took a right turn behind a small house waiting for her and killed her. I woke up in real life.