Divine Weed and Donald Trump

Date: 7/28/2017

By toxxicduck

Warning, this dream is really long, I am sorry, but it is pretty interesting. The first thing I remember is being in a big modern style home. My family was rich now. We had shiny black cars in the driveway. I don't remember details of inside the house, but outside, our home was surrounded by a tall fence with clipped hedges on them, and the driveway went in a big square from the front gate. It was nighttime. Inside the house I can barely remember, Mom was going through me and my siblings stuff to look for things she could pawn off. She was talking to Dad about it and both of them were agreeing to things happily. I was extremely upset, but not doing anything about it. I just watched in horror as my mother was happily gathering my possessions to sell (she did this in real life with my saxophone, so evidently some Mommy-issues about it). I watched as she went through cases of Xbox games to see if they still had their games and pamphlets. She opened the Morrowind case and on the inside cover the entire thing was scrawled with handwritten notes on white paper. It looked like symbols and they covered the entire thing. It was creepy, but Mom didn't seem to notice. -Portland in Ruins- Then I was leaving with my irl upstairs neighbor who I guess lived with us? Instead of looking like himself though, he looked like a Sim from the Sims 3. I was accompanying him on a trip he needed to go on to find something. I think he was looking for a special kind of marijuana, like it was weed so amazing you gained supernatural powers and stuff, or something like that. It was still night as he drove us through the city. Portland looked devastated. Just cement debris and broken rebar everywhere. Everything was covered in red and black graffiti. The road began to go through a cemetery, and we were suddenly not in a car anymore, just walking along a very narrow black road. There were endless fields of graves on either side of the road, most of them being the cross-shaped kind. They were also arranged haphazardly, not in any organized plots, and some even stuck out over the road. The cemetery also had debris everywhere, but no graffiti. It was as if all the buildings fell down and then people were buried under tombstones where they had died. In the distance I could make out the rest of the city silhouetted against a blood red sunset -Donald Trump- The dream then changed completely. I arrived at a big mall like place with lots of alcoves and escalators everywhere. The whole place was dimly lit. No lights but the moon shining through the ceiling windows (what are those called again?) I was with a person who kept changing appearance. At first it was a woman who was matronly, tall, dark complexion, and had greying black hair. An older Hawaiian lady maybe. She was still my neighbor friend, just transformed, but we were no longer on the journey to find divine weed. I followed her across the mall place where she went into an office. In the office, there was a table with chairs at it on the left side, and black leather couches with coffee table on the right side. It was also just as dimly lit as the rest of the mall. There were a bunch of people sitting on the black leather couches, maybe like five total? Among them were Donald Trump. They were not speaking with each other, but were waiting silently, with papers in their hands, and looking very nervous and awkward, except Trump who just stared at his papers with his lips all duck pic style. The woman I was with grabbed a chair from the table, moved it to the couch area and then sat on it. I knew that they were all waiting for something, like a job interview or something. As soon as the woman moved the chair, Donald Trump erupted in fury. I don't remember all he might have said, but he was pissed that the woman could just waltz in there like she owns the place and rearrange things. He was yammering on about professional etiquette. He stood up before the room and waved his arms around as he yelled. In the dream his skin looked gray and wrinkled, in a sickly way, while his hair was a vibrant orange color. The stereotypical faces he makes were twisted and exaggerated. It was rather terrifying. I looked away from the scene for whatever reason, and when I looked back Trump was standing over the Hawaiian woman from behind as she sat in a chair, giving her advice and guidance about whatever it was they were there for and the woman was at a computer. The Hawaiian woman was now a man though, who had grey skin like Trump and crazy greyish-black hair that was sticking up in all directions. He looked extremely stressed out. -Bender and I Escape the Italian Police who are also androids- I left the office at this point. I went by a woman with a dog who had the voice of Archer's mother from the animated show. She had two little dogs with her, and one of them was sick. She was complaining about having to take the dogs to the vet herself. Yet she was just sitting there on a seat in the mall place. I walked across a catwalk in the dim mall. On the other side I saw a super brightly lit neon attraction. It was the ONLY thing going on on that side of the mall, no other shops or anything just flat dark walls. It was a bright pink heart making an archway over a single red door, with some other letters around it I don't remember, but the style reminds me of Japanese advertisements. I was trying to go home I think, and was just going to pass by the pink heart place, but as I did, a woman appeared at a booth right outside of it, and forced me to go in. She started talking real fast trying to convince me to go in and I knew I was being hustled. I kept trying to refuse her as, if I was about to get scammed, I wouldn't be able to pay for it. She ushered me down a roped off queue thing and handed me a ticket. I had no choice but to go through the red door. I went in and was suddenly with Bender from Futurama. It was a really lavish hallway with paintings and decorations that were really old and important looking. This area was also dimly lit though (which I am thinking is significant). Bender was first complaining very obnoxiously about being scammed into this, but as we looked at the art and stuff he was like "this place is actually pretty neat". It was as if he was representing the thoughts I SHOULD be having about the place, even though I really didn't care much about anything. I kept trying to read stuff on the wall, but it was in Latin or something. I then found a plaque about Shiny Metal Asses, and Bender decided that that was his favorite one. Finally, Bender and I decided we needed to get out of this stupid place, so turned around and went back toward the entrance. We came across men deconstructing the displays we had passed by, revealing totally white and detail-less walls. All the men were wearing big noise canceling headphones and pretended to not notice us. We weren't supposed to know that the displays were "fake" like that, so panels began dropping from the walls and androids appeared from behind them to capture us for knowing the secret. They looked like men wearing blue Italian police uniforms, but walked and talked like robots. They stared at us with deathly intent. We ran from them back toward the entrance of the place and more and more emerged from panels in the blank white walls. Bender was screaming and yelling. Somehow, we made it out. -Donald Trump, Part 2- I was back in the office with Trump and the others. I don't know where Bender or the person who kept shapeshifting was. The office was larger now. The other people were now being lectured by Trump. He stood in front of them with his hands behind his back, pacing back and forth as he gave a speech. I nonchalantly took a seat with the others, as if I was late for a college lecture. Then suddenly Trump snapped again. He brought out a small black revolver and began pointing it at us, screaming at us for not being good enough and for making his job harder (or something). Everyone screamed and threw themselves on the ground to take cover. I went down with them, and when Trump aimed the gun at someone else, I would crawl commando style closer toward him. I was planning to attack him to get the gun. It was terrifying every time the gun was pointed at me, but every time I began to feel lucidity. I thought "don't shoot me, don't shoot me" and could feel that I was actually preventing Trump from shooting me. Before I managed to get the gun though, and right as I believed I was going to die, my final spurt of lucidity caused army men to appear behind everyone. They had miniguns from Fallout 4 and they used them to shred Trump apart. It was like a movie in slow motion. Trump just got destroyed by the miniguns, was lurching and seizuring with every shot, and blood was flying out of him. It was hella friggin intense. I woke up before the shooting ended. I just realized I didn't actually DO much of anything in the dream, but simply walked around seeing things happening around me, just being an observer. I didn't manipulate anything except using lucidity to make what I wanted happen and the only person I actually opened my mouth to speak to was the woman forcing me into the scam thing. This just seems interesting to me.