Date: 2/10/2017

By suggybear

my grandma's house me husband and daughter we were in the back patio when all of the sudden we saw this ball of fire in the sky , quietness then all of the sudden we saw a wall of water heading towards us we ran I thought about getting on top of the building in the front it was useless the wave was huge , we jumped on the roof of a bus wich i suppose was able to float and we ended up higher up the city, our apartment was there so we went in with other ppl i never seen before but seem to know in the dream, the apt was dark , broken windows , i could see from the living room window how the water was getting higher so we started packing as much stuff we could , however my husband and daughter went ahead to this place where other people were waiting to take them to this town a little up ahead where we could be safer from the tsunami, I stayed behind with this other girl grabbing as much stuff as I could, my daughter s little pony's a pair if pants, some shoes and I was almost leaving when I remembered my pair of contacts there was a point where the other girl told me I shouldn't waste time getting all this stuff and just to get the necessary, water was getting higher and the current was strong . I woke up