Man locked in a basement / Major Arcana

Date: 4/19/2017

By friday_graveyard

A woman and his submissive husband. He accidentally locked himself in a basement for days but she didn't look for him. At one point the basement started to flood, that's when he finally took action and left a note in the mailbox for her or someone else to please come rescue him. Strange, since the mailbox was outside and he would have needed to get out of the basement and then back in. Tarot cards on the table. I tell someone, "the Major Arcanum number one is The Pope, number two is The Hierophant", which is of course wrong: The Pope and The Hierophant are two different names for the same arcanum, and they're number five. I see some other cards that don't exist. The one that I remember and really liked looked like a rustic medieval painting that showed a line of trees full of what seemed to be dead human bodies amidst the branches and foliage. On the ground, a tall cat with a long neck, walking past and looking at them, its face turned from the viewer.