Torn tires and brotherly love

Date: 3/19/2019

By dilynnford

It took a minute for me to remember. As soon as I sat in my car it came to me. Or at least bits of it... My mom and I were in a very foreign(to me) location. My brother was there too. I don't remember much but I do remember him offering me money cause he knew I was struggling.... I tried to refuse, putting pride above forgiveness. But my mom had to get involved and tell me he's just trying to help. That he's making the right steps towards forgiveness(my brother and I have been in a constant "fight" for a few years now). That angered me more but I accepted the money anyway. Wanting to be close to my brother again outweighed my pride. Eventually I went to leave and the tires on my, motorcycle, car, Sudan?(it was very unclear in the dream what vehicle I was driving....) were basically ripped to shreds. I didn't know what to do.... And that's about all I remember....