Wiki-wiki-word 😎

Date: 2/11/2019

By bunbun12

I had a long day at school As I was walking home with my girlfriend (at this point I can SEE my house), my niece (let's call her Becky) drives up behind us and asks where her sister is (let's call her Suzy). I don't know, so Becky asks about us joining her contest, we agree and she says "cool, get in" I say "but we're almost home" and she insists that we get in ~Dream skips ahead~ I find out the contest is to make a diss rap or rhyme about her, by picking a toy out of a bag and incorporating that. Whoever's diss track is the best wins. Becky is very well off (even IRL) so she could probably give us good rewards, and we think it would be fun, so we choose to play. Suzy is nowhere around but I've picked a little white bear out of this black leather bag. ~My alarm goes off~