Backstabbing in the Literal Sense

Date: 3/29/2017

By teerific

Had a dream I was dating a guy named Evan?? There was this girl, and she was trying to steal him from me. We were all sitting with Evan between me and the girl and me looking straight ahead to avoid seeing something I don't want to see. Each time I glanced over, I would see the girl touching Evan in some way, whether it's holding his hand or kissing his cheek. Eventually she kissed him on the lips, and I had to stay cool and Evan had to pretend he was okay with it. I grabbed my purse and got up, and walked out of the room to some kind of hallway. I heard footsteps behind me, so I looked back and saw that Evan had come after me. I started walking faster and felt tears well up in my eyes. I looked back at the room and saw that the girl was looking at us, so I grabbed Evan and hugged him. He hugged me back, halfheartedly, knowing the girl was watching. He told me "it's okay, I think it's time." We walked back to the room and Evan returned to the girl. In a fast motion, he stabbed her in the back and pierced her heart with a knife of some sort. And apparently that was the goal the whole time; to gain her trust. She died slowly.