Omar and Christina

Date: 7/6/2017

By toxxicduck

I dreamt I lived with my friend Omar from high school. The house looked like my grandma and grandpa's old house in Emmett (a recurring setting in my dreams). We slept in the same bed for some reason, but we weren't dating, and our room was the one grandpa used as his study. Then Omar had my other friend Christina over for after a date. I wanted to give them privacy so I stayed away from them, but I was mildly creeped out. I went into the room down the hallway, the guest room, and started changing into my pajamas for bed. I was wearing the skirt I had worn in real life earlier. As I took it off, I suddenly realized the bedroom door was open and someone would see me in my underwear if they walked by, and thats when Christina did. She stopped and stared at me. She was wearing that shirt my sister has thats covered in Android emojis and tighty whities, she had her hair up in pigtails and was sucking on her thumb in a way that was supposed to be sexy, which I took to meaning that she and Omar just banged. It was pretty weird. I woke up after she stared at me in my underwear for a couple of seconds and then continued to the living room. Omar and Christina are from the same high school and knew each other, but I don't think they were friends. This was all PG13 so it shouldn't be rated as adult, right?