"Shots fired"

Date: 7/3/2017

By DreamX227

I was in the middle of some type of battle. Their was explosions, smoke, guns being heard all around and screaming. I was with this little girl and we were hiding. The she runs out into the middle of the war, and I go after her. A bunch of dust and smoke clouded everywhere so it was hard chasing her. She started heading to a clearing(where their is no smoke and dust) and I started screaming after her. Then I heard a gun shot loud and clear. It had hit me in the stomach. I had cupped the wound and kept running, but the little girl was no longer their. she had completely disappeared out of thin air, but I kept on running. Their was another gunshot and it hit my shoulder, but I kept on running. I kept on getting shot at, but I still kept running besides being weak. My run had become a limp and I started to slow down, and then I fell to the ground. Then I woke up but I heard a voice say "shots fired"