Basketball game

Date: 3/9/2019

By $MrKrabzWalking

I got into the game and the score was 17-0 we were losing. I’m in the post and the guy is just about as tall as me. For some reason nobody boxes me out on a free throw and I get my first points. The game goes on a little longer and the ball goes on out of bounds, it’s obviously our ball. The ref (Mrs mills?) says it’s our ball. I wait for my teammate to take the ball out. Then a parent comes out of the stands and takes the ball out and throws it to the other team so the ref says “okay guess it’s their ball” and I get really pissed when we get down to the other side they have 4 people just sitting on the ground and 5 playing offense and I got made again cuz they were in the way. One player started to try and justify this bull crap and I just mocked him and said I don’t care really loudly and the bench started laughing. I scored another bucket by driving with my right and a finish with my left. Then a player on their team shot a crappy shot and I just yelled nice shot then I woke up. We were playing hurricane and it felt like no one was trying