Exploring the World as a White Lion, a White Wolf, and finally a Black & White Cat

Date: 8/12/2017

By fluffytree

I find myself in the desert in an unwritten story I might have made up in my head back in high school that was a knockoff of "Kimba the White Lion," which is a manga and anime film by Osamu Tezuka about a talking white lion named Kimba and this predates the Lion King actually. Anyway I used to write fanfic-type stories and drew comics that clearly ripped off of stuff like that whether it be my version of" The Secret World of Alex Mack,"" "DragonBall Z," to anything else I watched back in my middle and high school years. So I appear in this desert and watch what's basically the same opening scene as The Lion King only Kimba is born instead of Simba. Also there's no parents and no physical birth, only a bunch of lined up African savanna animals watching as a baby white lion materializes out of thin air. While this happens I really believe I've written this story and criticize myself for copying from Lion King so blatantly. I'd think about how I could at least not have arbitrarily and unrealistically have these animals watching the birth of a lion, I mean it's an animal that would eventually grow up to hunt and eat most of these animals anyway. Also why does he have to be so special, his birth so divine-like in nature? I figure I'll have to go back later and revise a bit. All the other animals vanish as soon as Kimba is born and I'm now this majestic animated white lion running through the wasteland. I can hear my friend Wendy's voice as she's maybe talking to me on the phone through my head apparently since I have no phone and she's saying all this stuff about how she wants to sleep with guys just to "get it over with" and "stretch her hole" so sex won't hurt or be uncomfortable for her anymore. I wanna tell her how bad of an idea that is but I seem way too enthralled by the dream's world. I keep running without having a destination and eventually morph into a white wolf. Not just any wolf though cos I have a feeling I look alot like Link in wolf form from Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's not exact since I recall not wanting to copy so much as this was my story. The desert starts to reveal more of a mountainous terrain as I run further and further in. I run up a tall mountain beyond some clouds where it's snowing heavily and I stand on the summit to howl several times. I know no other wolves are coming and I'm alone, but I need to do this just to assert my presence in the world, to hear my voice as to affirm my existence. From this point I climb down to the bottom where the scene morphs into a quiet suburban neighborhood during the night. I'm just standing on the sidewalk but as a human and I fear someone might call the police if they see some unknown black man just standing there so, knowing I can transform into any animal, I look around to see if anyone can see me before I become a small black and white cat. No one would ever care now and I can wander around wherever I want. I have a feeling like I've been here before in a past dream but unsure if it actually happened or if it's just a false dream memory. I begin exploring the neighborhood but stop when I hear laughter from behind me. At first I'm afraid maybe someone saw but then see its some older black guy sitting on a crate outside a garage laughing at a bright yellow mouse he's watching scurry into the grass. I keep moving and notice a beautiful black and turquoise cat that sparkles. It had a sparkle/shimmer similar to the Na'vi, the alien race from the Avatar movie. I know I've seen this cat in other dreams and at this point I become lucid. I feel like it represents me now or perhaps more of what I want to become; calm, majestic, and beautiful to everyone around me. Yeah definitely more what I secretly desire cos I certainly don't tend to feel like that irl. The cat slowly moves along with me but never turns to look at me directly. It changes colors from blue to now a sparkling green and black. It has a faint glow too which I feel like is the power of Nature itself. Then another colorful creature appears out of nowhere and it's a yellow snake of some kind. Its mouth is open and fangs bared as if it's going to strike something and I start wondering if all these changes along with being lucid means I'm about to wake up soon. Maybe it's close to when my alarm goes off and my body wants to wake me up naturally and gently before it gets jarred awake. So I decide to wake up only to find it's several hours too early to be getting up.