Tiny flame

Date: 8/24/2017

By Ultra

I dreamed of a tiny flame, sacred and holy, a spark so humble it could fit 144,000 times into a candle's flame, yet with the might of 144,000 suns. Its substance was the glorious throne of the Ancient of Days. It was known by the trembling ones those who love to divide that which is whole that where this light reaches, so does the Ancient One, riding upon his chariot of golden flames. The sun was commanded to scan the earth for a suitable chalice. It was written that the chalice be ne'er used, thrice-fashioned and patterned according to the alignment of spheres. The solar rays peeked into every home in search of a chalice with such attributes. The sun had great difficulty finding such a chalice, and became agitated and nervous. Meanwhile, the earth remained divided into many tribes, and the tribes were strange between each other and even unto themselves. And upon the land, were many strange and secret ladders that had been erected by the trembling ones who love to divide that which is whole, which angered the Ancient One. One day, the moon whispered across the empty waters, "I found one such chalice, ne'er used, thrice fashioned and patterned according to the spheres. But I shall only reveal its whereabouts if you put your ear to my mouth so it is secreted from the trembling ones who love to divide that which is whole." Soon thereafter, the moon and the sun came together as one, and the moon whispered: "The golden chalice is contained within the gardens of the king's palace in an open vault where night and day are continuous unto each other." Then I woke up.