doll house

Date: 2/3/2017

By Valin

It was me and I was a doll and my friend (a doll)but she couldn't move. There was this blind man and his job was too find us by looking around with his hands and try to capture us. We were all in a small doll house. Sometimes a big hand with a weird black symbol would come into it and try to grab me but it was mainly the blind guy doing work.. ( the doll house was based off of my old house just everything was a little smaller) so we were in my bed room and I along with my friend were hiding against the wall on the right but were looking at the doorway and the hand started to reach in and I gave it pillows twice off the bed that I was looking at in front of me and it kept pulling out fluff and it kept getting mad so eventually I guess the blind man and hand worked together and the blind man just sat down and stopped in the doorway and just sat there I then threw items past him ( teddy bear) I then got him over to the top of steps ( the steps to the left of him )( again the house was my old one) I then rushed over too him I remember he had a yellow broom he tried to protect himself because he heard my feet hitting the bare floor with. he held it horizontally I hit him in the head and while he was struggling to get me I picked him up throwing him down onto the platform that seperated the steps.he was unconscious when he hit the ground I then went down and threw him again this time onto the un carpeted cement floor. I heard his neck snap and it seemed to be dislocated and he appeared dead. I then looked into the depths of the basement where the cellar type of room was in the basement fearing something was looking back at me in the vacant house. I gave it a quick glance bc I feared what was actually staring at me. I sensed something dark however almost demonic I then went back upstairs bc I feared my friend was being captured by the hand. I was upstairs and I Heard something was coming back up......I woke up breathing hard and wrote this #Health