Rape Case

Date: 6/3/2017

By skatergoth

At first, I was at my 'camp' but instead of it being my camp it was some sort of Zelda inspired Lava terrain. You would have to take a cart (similar to minecraft even though i don't play it) around the campus. A majority of the campus was underground and all of the walls were some sort of grey concrete. I was trying to look around alone at first and just kept on going into different rooms with families in them. The dream flips and I'm in my bunk which was really the room I stayed in at the house my family rented in England. There was two counselors who kind of explained how the cart system worked and how people get around the campus. My friend Rotem was there and we tried to go explore. We had a flashlight and two other things I can't remember to go adventuring for 'monsters'. However the flashlight was one of those flashlights where you have to pull down a lever thing but there were like four levers and it was hard to push them all down. Rotem said someone could control the flashlight with their phone but that someone was never touched upon. Then the dream flips and my family and I were all sitting on different couches or chairs positioned in a circle (similar to my living room) in an unknown area that in my head was a water park. My dad was crouched and listening to an audio file from Facebook. Someone I didn't know (in real life) who was apparently close to my family had been brutally raped. He was a young boy around 10-12 and was raped by another boy around the same age at camp assumingely and was also possibly murdered. I then went on Facebook and found an audio file my friend Sheila had made. The audio files were set up like Souncloud and the cover of her audio file was a sweaty picture of someone's upper lip and nose. The audio file itself was incoherent.