Drugs for water

Date: 3/21/2017

By inestine

I was at summer camp in a stable, and trained with some horses - and apperantly tigers whales, and other crazy animals. and I didn't know In the beginning of the dream but towards the end of my dream I thought I knew all the time That my pony was there, and I was taking here out to the field to train, where I saw some old ass people from like the 1800s and they were so creepy, we had to stop for them and then kind off shy away, cause fuck man. And then we're done training and I put my pony in the stable again, but I still have this bad vibe, Then the dream switches and I'm on my way to like a scethy neighbor hood, and at first I'm alone with water that I was going to give my horse, and I give it to this one guy and I go apparently home, when I'm home I open the bag and I get furious cause I didn't get like a fuckton of drugs but I got candy. I didn't give the guy money even I gave him water?? So the dreams switches, were at the same place, but now my old classmates are there and we dance throught the city and one guy gets in jail on a kindergarten playground and we're like man not again, and there comes a tiger ready to eat him, and I don't even know, then someone was driving me home even tho I was home but I didn't say anything so they stopped for sim OMG ICECREAM AND STRAWBERRRY YUM, but I was a broke ass bitch in my dreams to so i told them I lived where they picked me up, they drove me home and I woke up.