Love and Nightmares?

Date: 5/13/2017

By LionFoot65

I go to sleep at 1:00 and wake up at 6:20am and meditate a little until O remember most of my dream. My friend want introduces me to this game/movie that I get involved in. I meet this short Mexican girl I met the day before IRL named Lucy and we start working together on the mystery or whatever. We go to the moon in space suits and we experience moon gravity in a grassy field as well. We're also on this gocart which is fun until one my friends flies off and lands on his face lol. At some point me and Lucy even trade bodies for some reason and I feel my/her pussy which feels raw if that makes sense and I bet she feels her/my cock. We don't ever have sex though lol. It turns out that everyone we know is an alien who wants to suck our soul or something 👽 which scares the hell out of me for a good second or two and I zoom out so that I'm above the situation so that I choose faith instead of fear which causes the whole situation to be a joke and the dream continues with the same characters except with a happy vibe it started with. I start talking to this really smart kid about the psychology of the ego which is pretty interesting at least to me. Me and Lucy also start talking to each other more and I start falling in love with 😍 her and it she seems like she is too lol. I Fall back asleep at 7:00 but don't try WILD cause my parents are making too much noise and my cat is licking my face haha. First Dream: I'm with my friend Julian and we're going on our crazy misadventures Some people start shooting at us from helicopters for some reason and I get scared so I run home leaving Julian behind and I wonder why he doesn't follow me. On my way home, I see a bunny with big fake eyes 👀 on top of its real ones and is chasing a yellow squirrel which I think is weird but don't question much lol. I also see these people in my neighborhood looking out of the windows of their house and I try to hide from them by playing dead lol. I go home and my parents tell me that we have to go to this restaurant that happens to sell many types of liquor. When we get there, (since I have a personal principle of never drinking alcohol) my brother tells me and my parents that it doesn't matter if I do don't drink alcohol 🍺 since I already did a lot of vodka shots at the beginning of this year which convinced me a bit but I knew he was lying 🤥as always . After that, we go back home and I try to text Julian but my texting app is hard to use since the interface is completely different because all my contacts are on one middle side of a snowflake ❄️ and I assume that it got a new weird update. I don't give up and eventually I'm able to text him: are you coming back to my house 🏡 and he says yeah. But it seems to be taking a while for him so I end up going the same way where we had our misadventures. On the way, I see my friend Jimmy and for some reason he gives me this triangular multi colored obsidian arrow head which looks really fucking awesome to me and as he is leaving I realize he has like four more in his back pocket and I ask him if I can see them and he shows me them. One of them is emerald green with what I think is a deer face and I call it deer leaf 🦌 🍃. Next Dream: I'm in my work place but instead of being in an elementary school, I'm in a middle school and I'm herding the kids (which is like herding cats as always). One kids asks me why I dream about naked girls and I realize that she was reading my dream journal and I just don't say anything lol. After that we go to this play where I see a lot of people from my high school there. The kid in front of me is being pretty loud so I tell to stop talking but everyone around me tells me to "shhhhh" instead lol.