Blue Pillow, Magic Teen Love, Crystal Tower/Spider Fruit Bat, Old On the Subway

Date: 2/5/2017

By Fitful

Four Dreams. One. I was aware my friends and I were leaving for college. I was saying goodbye while watching television. Miranda was being a nuisance and demanding something from me, a memento or keepsake. I didn't want to give her anything but finally I caved because she was so annoying. She wanted one of my pillows, not because she wanted it, but just to annoy me. I eventually gave her the blue pillow off my bed, it matched her other pillows perfectly, she had a green and and orange pillow. For some reason they all worked. I supposed I should have been happy she had three pillows now, I had plenty after all, but I wasn't. I knew she really didn't want it, she just wanted to win. Two. So I was with my family in a public area, a coffee shop, or restaurant maybe. I was with my little sister, who was also my twin but much younger than me. She was also blonde and looked different. But she had a very sweet personality. And she could see the future. In fact we were magic, me and my family. We met another family that night, just before we had to leave for college. We met two other teenagers who could do magic and for some reason, we fell in love instantly. We we laughing and getting to know each other when they hear we were leaving for college soon. They were the upset. Their upset reach our parents, and theirs, and we all came to get her. After the adults heard the problem and the new we fell in love so quickly they relocate us away from crowds. We had to be careful talking about magic in front of non magic people. The adults left the decision up to us in the end, about going to college and leaving the sudden soulmate behind. My little sister was fine leaving for college the next day, she had precognition, and knew they would be reunited one day. I didn't know that either but I was fine leaving too. I just didn't much care. It was the magic teens we fell in love with who were most upset. Three. I am living this part of the dream twice, with slightly different results. It's like time traveling or deja vu but you know exactly what is going to happen. I dream I am working in this crystal palace. It's more of a tower type deal, and each crystal part of the palace regulates Magic in a certain part of the world. It's all very important and I have an important job. I am an apprentice to a wizard, the head wizard. We work on the topmost floor. The first time we are taken over subtly. We check this out on a scrying machine. It might resemble a tablet. We pan out to see what's wrong after crystals begin to brake and shelves fall down. I see out into space, I look at the alignment of the planets, the smaller planets are clustered together in the middle, the larger ones rotating, and I pan down back to earth, and then the crystal tower. I see nothing. But I change the resolution, the saturation, and it is suddenly clear the entire crystal tower is being sucked by a crystal Energy which reaches down from space. The second time this happens I know what's going on the moment a single shelf and it's crystals being to fall. I prop back the crystal and immediately scry for the anomaly. I am right this time and I alert the wizard in time, before we are completely consumed. It feels like deja vu but it also feels like this happened long ago in the past and I am merely preventing a habitual occurrence. At the same time the crystal tower is attacked, then reset, I am also a person aware of this. I work on the ground. We are the farmers and the keepers of the land a but still part of the crystal tower. The first time the tower is attacked all the chickens on leashes getting loose, run into the road and get run over losing their heads. These chickens are beautiful and their bodies are red feathers and heads white feathers. Also I am helping or watching as a couple feed their large fruit bat which is also a a spider sometimes. It switches back and forth. They put a bunch of very nice fruits into a woven basket, out the spider/bat into the basket too, and shut it while it eats. Yes they are a bit scared of the thing, it's a huge spider. When I first see it it's is a large fruit bat, and it's wings are black and pretty and I teased it about lending me it's wings for a blanket because i am cold. It has both wings and spider legs then. But the attack happens the first time and it gets loose just as the woven basket is closing. The second time, again I know everything that is going to happen. I prevent the chickens from escaping their leashes and running into traffic. They are wearing leashes of lavender vines, and I don't do much, just pinch the vine closed behind their heads. The couple hold the chickens on one bunch like balloons or a dog walker would. The fruit bat/spider goes through the same process, and this time just before it gets way I tell them sometimes things are supposed to happen, just like fate. Even as I say this I reach out my hand and push its spider butt back into the basket and they close and seal the basket, this time in clear plastic with a zipper. The fruit bat/spider begins eating the smorgasbord of fruit. And we relax. Four. I am out, traveling the subway endlessly. I can't go home for some reason, its too far away, and I am tired, but I am headed there anyway. I just keep taking trains to random stops and getting back on. I am so tired. I get old as I travel. I haven't been gone long enough to get old, but I start to shrivel. I shrink and my body is thin like a mummy or severe anorexia. I lose my hair. It falls out in strings. I know if I can get home I will be young and healthy again. But I am lost and I don't know the way home. I am sad and scared.