The Call

Date: 3/10/2019

By coliemarie

I was standing in my parents room everything was as it is now. I knew my dad was passed it was so realistic and detailed as if I was in walking life. My mom was in the room standing in the corner, my brother Robert was sitting at the computer desk, my sister was laying on the bed and I was standing by the door near my dad’s dresser. My dad’s cell phone and wallet were sitting on top of his dresser as it is now, everything was normal. Then my phone began to ring. I looked down at it to see who was calling and it said “Daddy”. My heart sank. I didn’t understand how this was happening. He’s gone, his phone was right next to me on the dresser, how was he calling? I answered the phone and heard nothing but static. I said “hello?” Through the static I heard my dad‘s voice “Hi Colie!” ... I was in so much shock, I tried to talk back but for the life of me I couldn’t form the words. I start mumbling and then in walking life as I was laying in my bed I really began to mumble... Austin woke me up out of my sleep.