Knife guy and mismatched shoes

Date: 1/25/2017

By Dini

Ugonna and I (and someone else) were in some place and he told us a story of something that happened, before proceeding to describe it. So he asked some guy in South London for a lighter and then the guy pulled a knife on him. This description turned into a reality and next thing, up a flight of stairs and the guy was chasing us. We ran into a dorm and he took some girl hostage. I hid behind the door and he saw me immediately. So I ran out and he gave chase but I was fast enough. He threatened the girl and I said "Whatever" In a previous dream, Nonso pulled up to Villa and he was wearing a black agbada. Later, Jade and I walked into a lounge/ restaurant and he was sitting in a far corner waiting for someone. I was wearing mismatched shoes and I asked if we had to go say Hello, to which Jade said yes. Halfway walking there, I realised that I could send Sunday my driver for shoes, so I call him and overhear Mr. Phillip talking about his first phone when he was 13.