Manhattan Project Trip

Date: 5/26/2019

By KostSasha

For our calculus final project, Josefina, Pia, Marvy, AnnaMarie, Afshan and I had to take pictures in front of famous places. The weather said it was supposed to be sunny and warm but it was bipolar, in which it was stormy and there was nearly a hurricane. Before that, I was trapped in high school. It was a normal day at school and then all of a sudden, the weather turned insane. I looked at the window and there was water flooded about two stories high outside. Strangely, I believed there was supposed to be race horse boxes but I couldn’t see them because of the flood. It made me extremely upset because I thought I would miss the horses since the horse gates were ruined. I called to tell Papa about the flood. Unusually calm, Papa told me not to panic and that it was okay and to wait out the storm. I didn’t find out where he was. Then, I was trying to find other people in school. There weren’t many left. It seemed as though a lot escaped from the storm but I didn’t see it. It was as if I were unconscious when kids started to flee or even when there was a still a lesson going on. I searched for people until I found Jenna and a small number of kids. I don’t remember if there were teachers. We all had to sit in a dark library at a round table. Everyone stayed quite and I started to daydream or spiritually wander off. Next thing I knew, I was in a bright forest. It looked foggy. There were many woodland creatures. I found them so cute so I went to approach a bunny and it was the size of a large Labrador. As I reached to per the bunny, I doctor appeared next to the bunny and said I could pet it. She told the bunny, “Go on”. The bunny sniffed my hand and petted me cautiously with his paw. I didn’t find it odd that the bunny was petting me. It felt absolutely normal. After that, I walked in the forest and saw the others woodland creatures. After a while, I arrived to a floating ship that was located in the clearing of a forest. I boarded the strange ship, that resembled an earthy island. As I climbed onto ship, I noticed there were enormous dragons that didn’t realize I was there. The ships took off into a foggy, cloudy space. I couldn’t see the ground. No one was driving the ship, I was alone but I didn’t feel alone because of the dragons. After some time had passed, the ship stopped in Manhattan. And Alyssa and Pia called me to tell me I have to do the project. I get off the ship onto Manhattan and meet with them. We had to find Afshan, Marvy and the rest of them. Unlike we promised, we didn’t make a plan. We failed to agree on a time and where to meet. Alyssa, Pia and I start walking toward midtown. We pass some small streets with lively bars that have dragons looking out their windows and on top of the building too. I don’t find this strange at all. The fair weather started to turn bad. It got darker and roam started to pour down. While walking, we see Kelly Unger, Noah Sherman, and 2 other kids from school that ignore us, as they rush to their own destination. Noah talks extremely loud, almost as if he wanted us to hear what he’s saying to Kelly in front of him. After passing the group, we stop and realize that we don’t know where the rest wanted us to meet them so we call them and they tell us to go back to the ferry to meet but they again forget to tell us where. So we go back on the ferry and back to Staten Island to my house. We then decide that it’s a better idea to plan things out. Then, the storm begins again and I see the streets flooding outside my window, as it gets dark.