Date: 5/11/2017

By tiptipkitten

I was in a house full of some of the most power full assassins and I happened to be one of them. For some reason I went up stairs and a few of them walked past me I had a chat with some one and then he left and a girl with double blades showed up. She jumped to attack me. All I had was a bottle so all I could do was block the attacks. Slowly we backed down the hallway with her swinging away at me the whole time I could see every movement from her and had to back to survive. We were nearing a dead end and her smile grew larger though somehow I managed to get her to turn around and we went back down the hallway again. Something happened that I don't remember but I got away and I was on a roof some other people. We all had wires to connect us to a near by water tower. One of the people said something about letting go and I seemed to agree so I unhooked myself from the tower. Everybody else followed suit. Again someone said something I can't remember but I seemed to understand that we need to swing on a rope to a nearby island the first group went and even before I had time to think about how the rope was hanging from nothing when my aunt Heather shouted something and I grabbed on to her. At first I was a normal swing ride but I missed judged how far the island was. We were coming in fast and I thought we were gonna hit the icebergs that happens to be nearby but we ended up just going impossibly high in the sky and swinging back at full force. I don't remember what happened next but I think we landed on the island safely and I woke up.