Making friends with Animus Healing my family giving back more than was taken away and My Love for Travel

Date: 4/24/2019

By molianadica

I was getting ready to go out of town and I started with walking the links. I ran into grandma and then I was at her house. The house was an extension of the links and her car, which later extended down to my mothers house. The trip was somewhere like New Orleans because it was a nice trip, but dark because my parents tried controlling it and I’d go out by myself. At grandmas, she had a phone for Trent. He was close by and called because he was off work, and instead of coming to grandmas he went home out of a misunderstanding, and I got mad. And Momeece had an old phone of his she needed to give him to fix. I went home, but it was my old room at mommas. There were 8 beagle puppies in my room in a box, and I dropped lotion on the floor and started licking it and I was afraid they were going to die. I didn’t know what to do and I thought of telling momma, and calling Jayci. I moved them to the bathroom and Trent came and I said I needed to call her, and he said of because of, (I’ve been having cramps from my period, so insinuating it was for that. I snapped at him and said that there were puppies in the room. I got a missed call from Zach Black but I ignored it. I think I saw momma. But I went back in the room and I found all kinds of formula and bottles and Jayci came and started taking care of them. And I was relieved. Trent was concerned about me in the other room but in my panic I ignored him, and he stayed where his was giving me space. I also argued with a random little girl that I was princess Jasmine from Aladdin.