The Brain Doctor and The Cool Shoes

Date: 8/20/2019

By Rev2024

Well for some reason it started back up in my old junior high(that place is literally giving me nightmares). My whole moms side of the family was eating lunch next to the windows. There was a man trying to sell shoes. His shoes were hideous on the top but glass on the bottom. The ones I tried on had broken glass and I was disappointed lol, but then my mom asked for the price. He simply said 100$ (in real life that’s obviously not a big deal but for some reason that was the biggest coolest price of all) and my mom said deal. I was proud of my hideous glass shoes. They were 100$! After school my mom took me to the brain doctor. (She always tells me my thinking sucks and I need to fix it) The man gave me some tests-they we’re actually games you play on the phone like amaze and stuff like that. He told me I was smarter than most. He said my brain was starting to shut down. He said I new deep inside that someone was out to murder me.